Welcome to my (virtual) home. On this page you get updates on recently applied changes and news I regard worthy for you. Have fun flipping through and if you like, tell me what you think about it []!

new webtech and design blog online

11 May 2011: I set up a blog on webtechs, coding, design and everything geek at groll.mhlr.de. There you'll find the articles I consider worth reading and keeping.

new web timer online

01 May 2011: I started to fiddle with html5 and css3. The result is the redesign of my timer project. Works with modern browsers - chrome 10.0.3, ff4 and up: mhlr.de/timer.

updated cv online

04 March 2011: So now, my updated cv is online in the about section.
(Cerficates and References will be provided on request)

PhD finished

04 February 2011: done and done! Certified Dr. rer. nat. :)
Cerficate and publication. You can find my Thesis on VTS online now: vts.uni-ulm.de

PhD-thesis defended

21 January 2011: Finally defended my PhD-thesis! Hello world, here I come!

PhD-thesis finished

24 June 2010: PhD-thesis handed in. Taking some time off guys.

no updates lately...

05. May 2010: ... writing PhD-thesis.

updates on about

09. October 2009: quick drawing online.

updates on publications et  aec

27. August 2009: New papers online.

æsthetic computing exhibition photographs

10. July 2009: Photographs taken at the aesthetic computing exhibtion, Stadthaus Ulm are online now. Watch them here.

æsthetic computing exhibition

03. Juli 2009
15:00 - 22:00 Uhr
Stadthaus Ulm

æsthetic computing exhibition flyer

18. June 2009: flyer to æsthetic computing exhibition online!

updates on about et  aec

14. June 2009: Minor changes in about section, new project descriptions in aec (still not complete, however).

updates on publications

14. May 2009: New paper to appear.

updates on links section | email

07. April 2009: Updated the drawings section, there are now some links and hey, you can finally contact me via email in a convenient way!

new site is online!

05. April 2009: finally, my new site is online, still a little unfinished and surely some missing links here and there, but in time this will be fixed. Enjoy :)